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New Edition Changelogs

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Update R1:
- Added to website Castle Siege Ranking
- Added to website Castle Siege Sidebar
- Fixed Sidebar Ranking Guild on website
- New Modules Auction System in Game
- New Events PvP Championship in Game
- Kanturu Boss PvP Option
- Guild War improvements


Update R2:
- Added to client new camera 3d
- Added to client new mini map system (can walk)
- Added to client small modyfication buff icons
- Added to client Anti Lag ON/OFF (F9)
- Added to client Window Bar (show nickname, lvl, master lvl, stats)
- Changed to new Interface Select Character
- Added New Set Tigris Socket to Rage Fighter
- Added New Monster Shadow Reaper
- Changed Models monster Black and Red Demon
- Other Small Changes


Update R3:
- Bug Fixed


Update R4:
- Re-Build Cashshop
- Re-Build Spots
- Added new custom boxes
(Seed Box (6) and Premium DEMON Box)
- Boost Angel (20%) and Demon (20%)
- Added EventItemBag to new Box
- Nerf Seal of Ascension (25%), Pet Panda (25%)
- Change Exp Boost Red Uniria, Gold Uniria and Ghost Horse


Update R5:
- Added delay to Ice Arrow (5000ms)
- Changed Soul Barrier to 20% absorb
- Nerfed Elf Defence Buff to Dark Lord
- Small Boost Critical Damage Skill (DL)


Update 10.09.2020:
- Nerf Weakness Debuff
- Remove from Webshop Socket Items
- Change maximum level from webshop to +13 (sets,weapons, shield)
- Added to map Arena drop socket items
- Added Daily 2 Auction for Wcoin and Goblin Point
- Increased monster required to kill in quest x1.5 (not boss)
- Changed Chaos Machine on Vip (100% 10-13, 14=95%, 15=90%)
- Increased Reflect to 30% maximum


Update 12.09.2020:
- Added new Npc to PvP Championship Event
- Removed /pvpzone2 command
- Moved Demon to map 90 (Evomon Maps)
- Changes Beast Uppercut to Killing Blow skill (possible crash client)
- Fixed visual bug with socket value in client
- Added Box of Heaven (drop jewels, zen, Talisman of Luck, Talisman of Chaos Assembly)

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