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New Edition DEMON-MU ChangeLog!

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- Added New Mosters! Uruk Monster, Aragog Spider, Morgoth Boss
- Added new Claw socket to RF (Red Fighter Claw)
- Change Skin Wings of Power
- Change Skin Maximus Set
- Change Rank Icon
- Fixed Summon Spirit Stick wrong DMG
- Added New Aragog Spider Invasion: CLICK HERE
- Added New Morhoth Boss Invasion: CLICK HERE
- Added new map Uruk Mountain!
- Update Cashshop! Added section Goblin Points
- Fix Party Exp
- Change Ice Effect to 5 seconds maximum
- Fixed PvM and PVP on all class (small changes, 75% config is this same)
- Fixed Weakness Debuff
- Added to Box of Kundun 1,2,3,4,5 chance to Jewel of Elevation
- Added New NPC Jewel of Full NPC and new exchange: 
- Increased Power Monster in Barrack
- Incerased Power Chaos Castle Monster
- Changes Time Castle Siege to 18.00 (6PM)
- Changes Balgass Event: run every Monday, Wednesday and Friday
- Change Gens Quest reward points to 50
- Disable attack on teleport
- Boosted 2x obtain and decreased point gens for kill/death
- Boosted to 3% chance drop Rare Item Ticket on Illusion Temple event
- Small reduced drop: Lucky Coin, Remedy of Love, Cherry Bloosom PlayBox, Apple
- Reduced drop Ancient item in Land of Trial
- Reduced drop seed Redu, Ref, MaxHP, AutoHP from Lucky Coin
- Added TOP 5 Ranking Edition on next edition! (TOP1: 8000 Credits, TOP2: 6000 Credits, 
TOP3: 4000 Credits, TOP4: 3000 Credits, TOP5: 2000 Credits)
- Added TOP 5 Protection Nickname on next edition!
If someone created a character with this nickname, they will be removed without asking.
- Added new reward to Senior Mix: 
- Added Survival Event: CLICK HERE

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