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Sub NoN_PvP

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Exp Normal: 1000x
Exp Master: 500x
Exp Majestic: 10000x
Drop: 60 %

PK is disabled! KS is allowed!
Basic setting based on PvP sub with a few chages:
- Medusa, Death King, Selupan, Nightmare, Nix, Ferea, God of Darkness,  is disabled!
- Events Imperial, Doppelganger, Arena_PvP Invasion is disabled!
- Kundun invasion every 6 hours
- Vulcanus Map - block enter to map
- Kanturu Map - block enter to map
- Red Dragon invasion every 6 hours
- Golden Invasion every 4 hours
- White Wizzard invasion every 6 hours
- Core Magriffy is disabled
- Lord Silvester is disabled

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