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Commands in Game

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/post -  message  to actual GS
/gpost - global post
/addstr -  to add  strength points
/addagi-  add  agility points 
/addvit -  add  vitality points 
/addene -  add energy points 
/addcmd - add  command points 
/pkclear -  clear PK status
/wh 0-2 -  switch wares  
/war <guild name> -  propose  Guild War 
/endwar -  stop Guild War Battle
/marry - propose a marry to other player
/accept -  accept marry 
/tracemarry - teleports to your marriage partner
/divorce -  take divorce
/requests (on/off) - define to display all duel and trade request or refuse all by default
/level -  display character info
/cleareventinv -  clear event inventory from all items
/socstop -  stop Battle Soccer match
/battlesoccer -  challenge opposite guild for a battle
/crew - Display Game Masters online
/dcfriend - disconnect specified character

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