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New Update v22 (19.03.2020)

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Update required new patch, can use to download Launcher.exe or download full client from download.



Update 22:
- Add Dragon Sky Switch ON/OFF                    OK
- Custom Attack Skill Control                    OK
- Custom Monster Effect                        OK
- Custom Monster Glow                        OK
- Character Max Rate Settings                    OK
- Right Click move item to chaos                OK
- Right Click Equip/Unquip items                OK
- Rank User show level + master level option            OK
- Select Character show level + master level option        OK
- Select Character show reset/mreset option            OK
- Select character show rank user option            OK
- Select character animations option                OK
- Select server change room names                OK
- Custom Npc quest auto open windown when click in the NPC    OK
- Change min monster level party formula option            OK
- Hack Skill Check New Type                    OK
- Fix chat for russian language    (S8)                OK
- Fix max ip connection problem with offattack/store        OK
- Fix stop Sky dragon when invasion ends            OK
- Fix common shop custom value index 256 ~ 512            OK
- Fix SpeedHackSkill type 4 bloc account            OK
- Fix monster(traps) show rank user                 OK
- Fix Pet block stuck                        OK
- Fix add basic skill when reset/mreset                OK
- Fix add basic skill when use changeclass command        OK
- Fix Custom Item Vip                         OK
- Fix Custom Pet Dinorant type Height (S4)            OK
- Fix Custom Pet Dinorant type Fly Icarus/Tarkan(S4)        OK
- Fix marry pk trace/track                    OK
- Fix two attack at the same time (CustomAttack)        OK


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