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  1. Jezeli tak to i tu i tu po 20%. Odrzucam.
  2. Glory

    Vault extension

    To sie odblokowuje: http://prntscr.com/vho0pp Do kazdego wh masz jedno dodatkowe do rozwiniecia tym plusem.
  3. Prosze wstawic wiecej ss bo teraz to nie wiem po co ta skarga skoro robisz all zgodnie z regulaminem to po co skarga? Moze sobie pisac ze ma ss itp jezeli nie ma skargi to tego nie rozpatruje A ta obraza to gdzie tak dokladnie? Raczej takie cos zostawia sie w razie zlozenia skragi przez 2 strone o KS.
  4. Mozna wiedziec jak zostalo to rozwiazane?
  5. Glory

    Mały bug w sklepie

    To taki standard jest, juz od dawna ze tak te buty wygladaja w WSie 😛 w sumie kazdym tak samo
  6. Update R1: - Added to website Castle Siege Ranking - Added to website Castle Siege Sidebar - Fixed Sidebar Ranking Guild on website - New Modules Auction System in Game - New Events PvP Championship in Game - Kanturu Boss PvP Option - Guild War improvements Update R2: - Added to client new camera 3d - Added to client new mini map system (can walk) - Added to client small modyfication buff icons - Added to client Anti Lag ON/OFF (F9) - Added to client Window Bar (show nickname, lvl, master lvl, stats) - Changed to new Interface Select Character - Added New Set Tigris Socket to Rage Fighter - Added New Monster Shadow Reaper - Changed Models monster Black and Red Demon - Other Small Changes Update R3: - Bug Fixed Update R4: - Re-Build Cashshop - Re-Build Spots - Added new custom boxes (Seed Box (6) and Premium DEMON Box) - Boost Angel (20%) and Demon (20%) - Added EventItemBag to new Box - Nerf Seal of Ascension (25%), Pet Panda (25%) - Change Exp Boost Red Uniria, Gold Uniria and Ghost Horse Update R5: - Added delay to Ice Arrow (5000ms) - Changed Soul Barrier to 20% absorb - Nerfed Elf Defence Buff to Dark Lord - Small Boost Critical Damage Skill (DL) Update 10.09.2020: - Nerf Weakness Debuff - Remove from Webshop Socket Items - Change maximum level from webshop to +13 (sets,weapons, shield) - Added to map Arena drop socket items - Added Daily 2 Auction for Wcoin and Goblin Point - Increased monster required to kill in quest x1.5 (not boss) - Changed Chaos Machine on Vip (100% 10-13, 14=95%, 15=90%) - Increased Reflect to 30% maximum Update 12.09.2020: - Added new Npc to PvP Championship Event - Removed /pvpzone2 command - Moved Demon to map 90 (Evomon Maps) - Changes Beast Uppercut to Killing Blow skill (possible crash client) - Fixed visual bug with socket value in client - Added Box of Heaven (drop jewels, zen, Talisman of Luck, Talisman of Chaos Assembly)
  7. IMPORTANT INFORMATION: REMEDY OF LOVE: CLICK HERE WINGS 4 LVL: CLICK HERE COMMAND IN GAME: CLICK HERE CUSTOM JEWELS: CLICK HERE GR BONUS REWARD: CLICK HERE RARE ITEM TICKET+5: CLICK HERE EXCHANGE YOUR SETS/WINGS: CLICK HERE QUEST LIST: CLICK HERE GHOST HORSE: CLICK HERE ILLUSION TEMPLE: CLICK HERE DEATH KING INVASION: CLICK HERE MORE GUIDES: CLICK HERE QUEST IN GAME! 1 MISSION: - Kill 45 Giant - FIND: 1x Apple REWARD: 30000000 zen 2 MISSION: - Kill 90 Stone Golem - FIND: 1x Jewel of Bless + 1x Jewel of Soul REWARD: Silver Key 3 MISSION: - Kill 150 Captain Grizzly - FIND: 1x Jewel of Creation + 1x Jewel of Chaos + 1x Jewel of Life REWARD: Small Wings (1 Day) 4 MISSION: - Kill 15 Gorgon - FIND: Legendary Helm+11+Luck REWARD: 1x Bundle Jewel of Bless+0 (10 Bless) 5 MISSION: - Kill 75 Lizard King - FIND: 1x Dark Side Parchement + 1x Scroll of Nova REWARD: Pet Panda (6 hours) 6 MISSION: - Kill 30 Hydra REWARD: 50 Wcoin 7 MISSION: - Kill 150 Ghost - FIND: 1x Lower Refining Stone Bundle+0 (10 LRS) REWARD: 1x Bundle Jewel of Soul+0 (10 Soul) 8 MISSION: - Kill 30 Zaikan - FIND: 1x Bundle Jewel of Bless+0 + 1x Bundle Jewel of Soul+0 REWARD: Red Uniria Pet 9 MISSION: - Kill 150 Zombie Fighter - FIND: 5 Talisman of Wings Box REWARD: Demon Pet (6 hours) 10 MISSION: - Kill 30 Death Beam Knight - FIND: 5x Remedy of Love REWARD: 100 Wcoin 11 MISSION: - Kill 300 Queen Rainier - FIND: 1x Lochs Feather REWARD: 1x Bundle of Soul+0 (10 Soul) + 1x Bundle of Bless+0 (10 Bless) 12 MISSION: - Kill 200 Iron Rider - FIND: 1x Bundle of Gemstone+0 (10 Gemstone) REWARD: Sweet Pumpkin Pet 13 MISSION: - Kill 30 Balrog - FIND: 1x Bundle of Creation+0 + 1x Bundle of Life+0 + 1x Bundle of Chaos+0 REWARD: 150Wcoin 14 MISSION: - Kill 180 Doppelganger Knight REWARD: Pet Panda (12 hours) 15 MISSION: - Kill 200 Kentauros - FIND: 1x Bundle of Harmony+0 (10 Harmony) REWARD: 200 Wcoin 16 MISSION: - Kill 30 Hell Maine - FIND: 1x Bundle of Soul+1 (20 Soul) + 1x Bundle of Bless+1 (20 Bless) REWARD: Ghost Horse (1 Day) 17 MISSION: - Kill 3x Selupan REWARD: Condor Feather 18 MISSION: - Kill 450 Gigantis - FIND: 1x Bundle of Gemstone+1 (20 Gemstone) REWARD: 1x Bundle of Soul+2 (30 Soul) 19 MISSION: - Kill 200 Berserker - FIND: 1x Bundle of Harmony+0 (10 Harmony) REWARD: 1x Bundle of Bless+2 (30 Bless) 20 MISSION: - Kill 200 Persona REWARD: Broken Horn 21 MISSION: - Kill 5 Golden Budge Dragon - FIND: Kundun Staff+10+Luck REWARD: 200 Wcoin 22 MISSION: - Kill 5 Golden Goblin - FIND: 1x Bundle of Creation+2 (30 Creation) REWARD: Pet Panda (1 Day) 23 MISSION: - Kill 3 Kundun REWARD: Demon Pet (1 Day) 24 MISSION: - Kill 5 Golden Lizard King - FIND: 1x Bundle of Bless+1 (20 Bless) + 1x Bundle of Soul+1 (20 Soul) REWARD: 200 Wcoin 25 MISSION: - Kill 5 Golden Tantalos - FIND: 1x Bundle of Harmony+0 (10 Harmony) REWARD: Pet Panda (1 Day) + Panda Ring (1 Day) 26 MISSION: - Kill 5 Golden Twin Tail REWARD: 200 Wcoin 27 MISSION: - Kill 5 Golden Iron Knight - FIND: 1x Fragment of Horn REWARD: 1x Bundle of Bless+2 (30 Bless) + 1x Bundle of Soul+2 (30 Soul) 28 MISSION: - Kill 5 Great Golden Dragon - FIND: 10x Lochs Feather REWARD: Gold Uniria Pet 29 MISSION: - Kill 5 Red Dragon REWARD: 250 Wcoin 30 MISSION: - Kill 3 Medusa - FIND: 2x Bundle of Soul+2 (30 Soul) (Total: 60 Soul) + 2x Bundle of Bless+2 (30 Bless) (Total: 60 Bless) + 2x Bundle of Creation+2 (30 Creation) (Total: 60 Creation) + 2x Bundle of Chaos+2 (30 Chaos) (Total: 60 Chaos) + 2x Bundle of Life+2 (30 Life) (Total: 60 Life) REWARD: SET SOCKET UNIQUE MAXIMUS +15 +L+ 5 EMPTY SLOT
  8. SERVER STARTS : 12.09.2020 TIME: [UTC +1, 17.00-Poland] [UTC +8, 00.00-Philipines] [UTC +7 23.00-Vietnam] [UTC -3 12.00-Argentina] [UTC -3 12.00-Brazil] ★Server name: DEMON-MU ★Version: Season 6 EP3 + CUSTOM ★Time work: 24/7 ★Dedicated server: YES ★Premium files: YES ★Custom xshop: YES ★Balanced characters: YES ★Link: https://demon-mu.com ★FB Page: CLICK HERE 1 GR = PET PANDA + PANDA RING (3 Days) 5 GR = GOLDEN FENRIR 10 GR = WINGS 4LVL FULL 15 GR = NEW UNIQUE SOCKET SET (DEMON SET) +15+SEED SPHERE 20 GR = NEW WINGS OF POWER FULL If you have requiments GR go to Lorencia NPC and obtain your reward! ★Max Normal Level: 400 ★Max Master Level: 300 ★Max Stats: 32767 ★Exp Normal: 800x ★Exp Master: 200x ★Drop: 50 % ★Jewel of Soul: 50 % + (25 % Luck) ★Jewel of Life: 70% ★Max lvl item: +15+28 ★Reset: Res 400 lvl on website or game ! Maximum 70 Resets! ★Reset price: Free STAT BURN: NO ★Grand Reset: YES / 70RR / Bonus 500 WebCredits ★Webshop: YES ★CashShop: YES ★Mu Helper activation min. level: 50 lvl ★Ancient+Exe Option: disabled ★Socket+Exe Option: disabled ★Acc+Harmony Option: disabled ★Trade item with Harmony Option: Yes ★Guild: 180 lvl +10: 70 % (25 % +Luck) +11: 65 % (25 % +Luck) +12: 60 % (25 % +Luck) +13: 55 % (25 % +Luck) +14: 50 % (25 % +Luck) +15: 45 % (25 % +Luck) ★Dark Knight: 1 lvl ★Dark Wizzard: 1 lvl ★Elf: 1 lvl ★Summoner: 1 lvl ★Magic Gladiator: 1 lvl ★Dark Lord: 1 lvl ★Rage Fighter: 1 lvl Normal / Marlon Quest: ★Dark Knight: 5/6 ★Dark Wizzard: 5/6 ★Elf: 5/6 ★Summoner: 5/6 ★Magic Gladiator: 7 ★Dark Lord: 7 ★Rage Fighter: 7 ★Blood Castle: YES ★Devil Square: YES ★Chaos Castle: YES ★Illusion Temple: YES ★Doppelganger: YES ★Imperial Fort: YES ★White Wizard: YES ★Golden Invasion: YES ★Castle Siege: YES ★Balgass Event: YES ★Nightmare Event: YES ★Hatchery Event: YES ★Medusa: YES ★Drop Event: YES ★Quiz Event: YES ★DEMON Invasion: YES ★EVONOM Invasion: YES ★CUSTOM QUEST: YES ★SURVIVAL EVENT: YES ★AUCTION SYSTEM: YES ★/post <Msg> - Post a message in global chat ★/addstr <points> - Add points in Strength ★/addagi <points> - Add points in Agility ★/addvit <points> - Add points in Vitality ★/addene <points> - Add points in Energy ★/addcmd <points> - Add points in Command ★/setparty <password> - Create a new password party ★/joinparty <password> - Join the password party ★/remaster - ReAdd Master Skill Tree ★/war <guild> - Challenge guild to Guild War ★/soccer <guild> - Challenge guild to Battle Soccer ★/top <type> - Show Top Player /rr/mr ★/lock [password] - Block Items Move ★/unlock [password] - Disable Lock System ★/offstore - Open Custom Store Offline ★/store [type] - Open Custom Store ★/wh <num> - Change warehouse ★/reset |auto| - Reset character ★/marry <playe - Marry to a player ★/move <Map> - Move to a map ★/readd - ReAdd stats ★/quest - Quest Command ★/gift - Gift Command ★/pkclear - Clear PK ★HOT! Added new wings 4 lvl, new NPC, new Boss Monster and PETS! ★HOT! New Map Added Arena PvP Zone! ★Custom Invastion ★Buff Information System (show % value buff and time remain) ★HOT! BANK JEWEL! ★HOT! GUILD WAREHOUSE! ★ReConnect System (reconnect if disconnected); ★OffTrade ★Marry System ★Set Party - command ★NEW CUSTOM QUESTS! ★NEW Wings of Power ★NEW EX700 SETS, WEAPONS, SHILEDS ★NEW PET: GHOST HORSE ★ANTILAG BUILD IN CLIENT (F9) ★NEW CAMERA 3D - Jewel od Level - Jewel of Luck - Jewel of Skill - Jewel of Adicional - Jewel of Socket ★3D Camera ★Chat separately from experience ★The glow effect on cards ★Support wide-format resolution and full HD ★Distance display objects ★Fixed all visual bugs with display of values above 65535 ★Fixed attack speed on all the article ★Smoothing textures ★The fog in the game ★The exclusive bar of the character to work with new modules: -Player: Bar is showing player hp, sd Information about amoung of health-points -Monster: Full name of Monster; Monster level Information about amoung of health-points DMN PREMIUM WEBSITE: ★Reset Module ★Grand Resets Module ★Vip Module ★Hide Information Module ★Add Stats Module ★Reset Stats Module ★PkClear Module ★Unstuck Character Module ★Exchange Module ★Change Password Module ★Account Logs Module ★Ticket System Module ★Webshop ★Mirror1: https://demon-mu.com/downloads FACEBOOK EVENT! 💥PL: Polub, Udostepnij, napisz komentarz ze swoim nickiem i zgarnij darmowe 300 Wcoinow!💥 💥ENG: Like, Share and Comment (nickname) Post and Win Free 300 Wcoin!💥 💎EVENT END: 19 September 8PM💎 🌐Link: CLICK HERE FACEBOOK EVENT 2! 💥WYGRAJ WINGI 4 LVL / WIN WINGS 4 LVL💥 💎PL: A ty, które wingi wybierasz? Udostepnij post, w komentarzu napisz nazwe wingow oraz swoj nick i bierz udzial w zabawie! Wsród wszystkich uczestników eventu zostana rozlosowane 3 pary nowych wingow fo! Nie czekaj! Moga byc twoje! Losowanie odbedzie sie dnia 19 września o godzinie 21.50! Obserwuj nasz profil.💎 💎ENG: Which wing do you choose? Share post, write your favourite name wing and nickname and join to event! We will draw 3 pairs of wings fo. Remember share post and comment! The draw will take place on 19 September at 9.50PM!.💎 🌐LINK TO EVENT: CLICK HERE BETA TEST IS OPEN! MAX EXP, 700 POINTS PER LVL, FREE COINS, ALL IN SHOP! FREE CREDITS I ADD A FEW TIMES A DAY! PUBLICATION IN BUILD!
  9. OTTOMAN 20% HAMRET 40%
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