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  1. Krystyna, Eilhart , Lujkash po 20% warn,
  2. Skarge zamykam do poniedzialku zgodnie z tym ze skarg z forum w weekendy nie rozpatruje, ale tak na szybko juz widze minimum 40%. Doktorek 40%
  3. Lena 20% I to nie podlega nawet jakiejkolwiek dyskusji.
  4. ChangeLog 01.02.2021: - Sunday Auction change time to 20:20 and 20:40 - Sunday Morgoth delete (colidation with Castle Siege) - Combo delay fixed - Added to pendants passive option reduces stun+2% - Fixed pvp balance BM vs BM - Nerfed skill TS (PvP) 30% - Change drop reward from Lucky Coin 1% to 3% to best seed and items (Redu, Mex HP, AutoHP, Elevation, Fenrir)
  5. Kiedys z tego co pamietam to byli agi i ene potem weszlo A i B. A maja wiecej defa w stosunku do B. Zeby dzialal caly set trzeba miec jeden rodzaj.
  6. EDITION JANUARY 2021! Update: - Added to Devil Square 7 Lord Silverster Boss (5 minutes to end, drop box of kundun) - Remove block Ice Arrow Delay From Client side, stay only server side (fixed bug not hitting skill) - Added new NPC to create Wings 4lvl with materials (Wings Crafter: Atlans 24x25) To craft required: 6x Loch Feather+ 3x Condor Feather+ 10x Jewel of Elevation + 1x Jewel of Full+ 10x Jewel of Life Bundle (30)+ 5x Seed Sphere Durability+ 5x Seed Sphere EDI+ 5x Seed Sphere CDI+ 5x Seed Sphere HI. Makes wings for class who complete quest eqample: if complete SM class obtaind 4lvl Wings FO for SM. - Boost Doppelganger Mobs, we cannot add more mobs, at the moment when go to 300 lvl to event in 10 minutes you will get 400 maximum level - We boost Doppelganger Rewards, reduced crap items drops - We boost Golden Cherry Blossom Rewards, removed crap seeds - We block teleport SM when is immobility (ice arrow skill) - Boost Socket staff for SM and MG - Added to RF new Tigris Socket Claws, drop on map (Raklion, Arena) and from Boss (Selupan, Nightmare) - Small Changes from UI in game, at the moment game show nickname players all times - At the moment game show name monsters - Added new NPC Wings Crafter - Atlans 24x25 : CLICK HERE - Boost Skill Defence Success Rate (RF skill) (work only on pvm) PVP CHANGES: (Changes 1% - 10% maximum) (In 80% configs is very small changes 1-3%) All PVP Tested: Socket Set, Socket Weapons + Exe Weapons or Shield, Ring and Pendant FO, Maximum Stats and Skill Tree, Wings 4 lvl, (Optional for class: Golden Fenrir or Horn of Uniria Gold , WW ring) DWDamageRateToDW = BOOST DWDamageRateToDK = BOOST DWDamageRateToFE = NERF DWDamageRateToMG = BOOST DWDamageRateToDL = BOOST DWDamageRateToSU = BOOST DWDamageRateToRF = BOOST DKDamageRateToDW = BOOST DKDamageRateToDK = BOOST DKDamageRateToFE = NO CHANGES DKDamageRateToMG = BOOST DKDamageRateToDL = BOOST DKDamageRateToSU = BOOST DKDamageRateToRF = NERF FEDamageRateToDW = NERF FEDamageRateToDK = NO CHANGES FEDamageRateToFE = NERF FEDamageRateToMG = BOOST FEDamageRateToDL = BOOST FEDamageRateToSU = NERF FEDamageRateToRF = NO CHANGES MGDamageRateToDW = NERF MGDamageRateToDK = BOOST MGDamageRateToFE = NERF MGDamageRateToMG = NO CHANGES MGDamageRateToDL = BOOST MGDamageRateToSU = BOOST MGDamageRateToRF = BOOST DLDamageRateToDW = NO CHANGES DLDamageRateToDK = BOOST DLDamageRateToFE = NO CHANGES DLDamageRateToMG = NERF DLDamageRateToDL = NO CHANGES DLDamageRateToSU = NO CHANGES DLDamageRateToRF = NERF SUDamageRateToDW = NERF SUDamageRateToDK = NO CHANGES SUDamageRateToFE = NO CHANGES SUDamageRateToMG = BOOST SUDamageRateToDL = BOOST SUDamageRateToSU = NO CHANGES SUDamageRateToRF = NERF RFDamageRateToDW = NO CHANGES RFDamageRateToDK = BOOST RFDamageRateToFE = NO CHANGES RFDamageRateToMG = NERF RFDamageRateToDL = BOOST RFDamageRateToSU = NO CHANGES RFDamageRateToRF = BOOST /// IN BUILD EDITION SEPTEMBER 2020! Update R1: - Added to website Castle Siege Ranking - Added to website Castle Siege Sidebar - Fixed Sidebar Ranking Guild on website - New Modules Auction System in Game - New Events PvP Championship in Game - Kanturu Boss PvP Option - Guild War improvements Update R2: - Added to client new camera 3d - Added to client new mini map system (can walk) - Added to client small modyfication buff icons - Added to client Anti Lag ON/OFF (F9) - Added to client Window Bar (show nickname, lvl, master lvl, stats) - Changed to new Interface Select Character - Added New Set Tigris Socket to Rage Fighter - Added New Monster Shadow Reaper - Changed Models monster Black and Red Demon - Other Small Changes Update R3: - Bug Fixed Update R4: - Re-Build Cashshop - Re-Build Spots - Added new custom boxes (Seed Box (6) and Premium DEMON Box) - Boost Angel (20%) and Demon (20%) - Added EventItemBag to new Box - Nerf Seal of Ascension (25%), Pet Panda (25%) - Change Exp Boost Red Uniria, Gold Uniria and Ghost Horse Update R5: - Added delay to Ice Arrow (5000ms) - Changed Soul Barrier to 20% absorb - Nerfed Elf Defence Buff to Dark Lord - Small Boost Critical Damage Skill (DL) Update 10.09.2020: - Nerf Weakness Debuff - Remove from Webshop Socket Items - Change maximum level from webshop to +13 (sets,weapons, shield) - Added to map Arena drop socket items - Added Daily 2 Auction for Wcoin and Goblin Point - Increased monster required to kill in quest x1.5 (not boss) - Changed Chaos Machine on Vip (100% 10-13, 14=95%, 15=90%) - Increased Reflect to 30% maximum Update 12.09.2020: - Added new Npc to PvP Championship Event - Removed /pvpzone2 command - Moved Demon to map 90 (Evomon Maps) - Changes Beast Uppercut to Killing Blow skill (possible crash client) - Fixed visual bug with socket value in client - Added Box of Heaven (drop jewels, zen, Talisman of Luck, Talisman of Chaos Assembly) EDITION MAY 2020! CHANGELOG:- Added New Mosters! Uruk Monster, Aragog Spider, Morgoth Boss- Added new Claw socket to RF (Red Fighter Claw)- Change Skin Wings of Power- Change Skin Maximus Set- Change Rank Icon- Fixed Summon Spirit Stick wrong DMG- Added New Aragog Spider Invasion: CLICK HERE - Added New Morhoth Boss Invasion: CLICK HERE- Added new map Uruk Mountain!- Update Cashshop! Added section Goblin Points- Fix Party Exp- Change Ice Effect to 5 seconds maximum- Fixed PvM and PVP on all class (small changes, 75% config is this same)- Fixed Weakness Debuff - Added to Box of Kundun 1,2,3,4,5 chance to Jewel of Elevation - Added New NPC Jewel of Full NPC and new exchange: CLICK HERE - Increased Power Monster in Barrack - Incerased Power Chaos Castle Monster - Changes Time Castle Siege to 18.00 (6PM) - Changes Balgass Event: run every Monday, Wednesday and Friday - Change Gens Quest reward points to 50 - Disable attack on teleport - Boosted 2x obtain and decreased point gens for kill/death - Boosted to 3% chance drop Rare Item Ticket on Illusion Temple event - Small reduced drop: Lucky Coin, Remedy of Love, Cherry Bloosom PlayBox, Apple - Reduced drop Ancient item in Land of Trial - Reduced drop seed Redu, Ref, MaxHP, AutoHP from Lucky Coin - Added TOP 5 Ranking Edition on next edition! (TOP1: 8000 Credits, TOP2: 6000 Credits, TOP3: 4000 Credits, TOP4: 3000 Credits, TOP5: 2000 Credits) - Added TOP 5 Protection Nickname on next edition! If someone created a character with this nickname, they will be removed without asking. - Added new reward to Senior Mix: CLICK HERE- Added Survival Event: CLICK HERE - Added KING OF MU Event: CLICK HERE
  7. TOP 5 Ranking Edition Rewards: TOP1: 8000 Credits TOP2: 6000 Credits TOP3: 4000 Credits TOP4: 3000 Credits TOP5: 2000 Credits Please contact me TOP 5 person, 18 January on messenger or ticket to add reward.
  8. SERVER STARTS : 15.01.2021 TIME: [UTC +1, 17.00-Poland] [UTC +8, 00.00-Philipines] [UTC +7 23.00-Vietnam] [UTC -3 12.00-Argentina] [UTC -3 12.00-Brazil] ★Server name: DEMON-MU ★Version: Season 6 EP3 + CUSTOM ★Time work: 24/7 ★Dedicated server: YES ★Premium files: YES ★Custom xshop: YES ★Balanced characters: YES ★Link: https://demon-mu.com 1 GR = PET PANDA + PANDA RING (3 Days) 5 GR = GOLDEN FENRIR 10 GR = WINGS 4LVL FULL 15 GR = NEW UNIQUE SOCKET SET (DEMON SET) +15+SEED SPHERE 20 GR = NEW WINGS OF POWER FULL If you have requiments GR go to Lorencia NPC and obtain your reward! ★Max Normal Level: 400 ★Max Master Level: 300 ★Max Stats: 32767 ★Exp Normal: 800x ★Exp Master: 200x ★Drop: 50 % ★Jewel of Soul: 50 % + (25 % Luck) ★Jewel of Life: 70% ★Max lvl item: +15+28 ★Reset: Res 400 lvl on website or game ! Maximum 70 Resets! ★Reset price: Free STAT BURN: NO ★Grand Reset: YES / 70RR / Bonus 500 WebCredits ★CashShop: YES ★Mu Helper activation min. level: 50 lvl ★Ancient+Exe Option: disabled ★Socket+Exe Option: disabled ★Acc+Harmony Option: disabled ★Trade item with Harmony Option: Yes ★Guild: 180 lvl +10: 70 % (25 % +Luck) +11: 65 % (25 % +Luck) +12: 60 % (25 % +Luck) +13: 55 % (25 % +Luck) +14: 50 % (25 % +Luck) +15: 45 % (25 % +Luck) ★Dark Knight: 1 lvl ★Dark Wizzard: 1 lvl ★Elf: 1 lvl ★Summoner: 1 lvl ★Magic Gladiator: 1 lvl ★Dark Lord: 1 lvl ★Rage Fighter: 1 lvl Normal / Marlon Quest: ★Dark Knight: 5/6 ★Dark Wizzard: 5/6 ★Elf: 5/6 ★Summoner: 5/6 ★Magic Gladiator: 7 ★Dark Lord: 7 ★Rage Fighter: 7 ★Blood Castle: YES ★Devil Square: YES ★Chaos Castle: YES ★Illusion Temple: YES ★Doppelganger: YES ★Imperial Fort: YES ★White Wizard: YES ★Golden Invasion: YES ★Castle Siege: YES ★Balgass Event: YES ★Nightmare Event: YES ★Hatchery Event: YES ★Medusa: YES ★Drop Event: YES ★Quiz Event: YES ★DEMON Invasion: YES ★EVONOM Invasion: YES ★CUSTOM QUEST: YES ★SURVIVAL EVENT: YES ★AUCTION SYSTEM: YES ★/post <Msg> - Post a message in global chat ★/addstr <points> - Add points in Strength ★/addagi <points> - Add points in Agility ★/addvit <points> - Add points in Vitality ★/addene <points> - Add points in Energy ★/addcmd <points> - Add points in Command ★/setparty <password> - Create a new password party ★/joinparty <password> - Join the password party ★/remaster - ReAdd Master Skill Tree ★/war <guild> - Challenge guild to Guild War ★/soccer <guild> - Challenge guild to Battle Soccer ★/top <type> - Show Top Player /rr/mr ★/lock [password] - Block Items Move ★/unlock [password] - Disable Lock System ★/offstore - Open Custom Store Offline ★/store [type] - Open Custom Store ★/wh <num> - Change warehouse ★/reset |auto| - Reset character ★/marry <playe - Marry to a player ★/move <Map> - Move to a map ★/readd - ReAdd stats ★/quest - Quest Command ★/gift - Gift Command ★/pkclear - Clear PK ★HOT! Added new wings 4 lvl, new NPC, new Boss Monster and PETS! ★HOT! New Map Added Arena PvP Zone! ★Custom Invastion ★Buff Information System (show % value buff and time remain) ★HOT! BANK JEWEL! ★HOT! GUILD WAREHOUSE! ★ReConnect System (reconnect if disconnected); ★OffTrade ★Marry System ★Set Party - command ★NEW CUSTOM QUESTS! ★NEW Wings of Power ★NEW EX700 SETS, WEAPONS, SHILEDS ★NEW PET: GHOST HORSE ★ANTILAG BUILD IN CLIENT (F9) ★NEW CAMERA 3D - Jewel od Level - Jewel of Luck - Jewel of Skill - Jewel of Adicional - Jewel of Socket ★3D Camera ★Chat separately from experience ★The glow effect on cards ★Support wide-format resolution and full HD ★Distance display objects ★Fixed all visual bugs with display of values above 65535 ★Fixed attack speed on all the article ★Smoothing textures ★The fog in the game ★The exclusive bar of the character to work with new modules: -Player: Bar is showing player hp, sd Information about amoung of health-points -Monster: Full name of Monster; Monster level Information about amoung of health-points DMN PREMIUM WEBSITE: ★Reset Module ★Grand Resets Module ★Vip Module ★Hide Information Module ★Add Stats Module ★Reset Stats Module ★PkClear Module ★Unstuck Character Module ★Exchange Module ★Change Password Module ★Account Logs Module ★Ticket System Module ★Webshop ★Mirror1: https://demon-mu.com/downloads FACEBOOK EVENT! 💥PL: Polub, Udostepnij, napisz komentarz ze swoim nickiem i zgarnij darmowe 300 Wcoinow!💥 💥ENG: Like, Share and Comment (nickname) Post and Win Free 300 Wcoin!💥 💎EVENT END: 23 January 8PM💎 🌐Link: CLICK HERE FACEBOOK EVENT 2! 💥WYGRAJ WINGI 4 LVL / WIN WINGS 4 LVL💥 💎PL: A ty, które wingi wybierasz? Udostepnij post, w komentarzu napisz nazwe wingow oraz swoj nick i bierz udzial w zabawie! Wsród wszystkich uczestników eventu zostana rozlosowane 3 pary nowych wingow fo! Nie czekaj! Moga byc twoje! Losowanie odbedzie sie dnia 23 stycznia o godzinie 21.50! Obserwuj nasz profil.💎 💎ENG: Which wing do you choose? Share post, write your favourite name wing and nickname and join to event! We will draw 3 pairs of wings fo. Remember share post and comment! The draw will take place on 23 January at 9.50PM!.💎 🌐LINK TO EVENT: CLICK HERE BETA TEST IS OPEN! MAX EXP, 700 POINTS PER LVL, FREE COINS, ALL IN SHOP! FREE CREDITS I ADD A FEW TIMES A DAY! IMPORTANT INFORMATION: ARAGOG SPIDER INVASION: CLICK HERE MORGOTH BOSS INVASION: CLICK HERE SURVIVAL EVENT: CLICK HERE KING OF MU EVENT: CLICK HERE JEWEL OF FULL NPC: CLICK HERE REMEDY OF LOVE: CLICK HERE WINGS 4 LVL: CLICK HERE COMMAND IN GAME: CLICK HERE CUSTOM JEWELS: CLICK HERE GR BONUS REWARD: CLICK HERE RARE ITEM TICKET+5: CLICK HERE EXCHANGE YOUR SETS/WINGS: CLICK HERE QUEST LIST: CLICK HERE GHOST HORSE: CLICK HERE ILLUSION TEMPLE: CLICK HERE DEATH KING INVASION: CLICK HERE PVP CHAMPIONSHIP EVENT: CLICK HERE CUSTOM AUCTION: CLICK HERE NEW CUSTOM BOX: CLICK HERE MORE GUIDES: CLICK HERE QUEST IN GAME! 1 MISSION: - Kill 45 Giant - FIND: 1x Apple REWARD: 30000000 zen 2 MISSION: - Kill 90 Stone Golem - FIND: 1x Jewel of Bless + 1x Jewel of Soul REWARD: Silver Key 3 MISSION: - Kill 150 Captain Grizzly - FIND: 1x Jewel of Creation + 1x Jewel of Chaos + 1x Jewel of Life REWARD: Small Wings (1 Day) 4 MISSION: - Kill 15 Gorgon - FIND: Legendary Helm+11+Luck REWARD: 1x Bundle Jewel of Bless+0 (10 Bless) 5 MISSION: - Kill 75 Lizard King - FIND: 1x Dark Side Parchement + 1x Scroll of Nova REWARD: Pet Panda (6 hours) 6 MISSION: - Kill 30 Hydra REWARD: 50 Wcoin 7 MISSION: - Kill 150 Ghost - FIND: 1x Lower Refining Stone Bundle+0 (10 LRS) REWARD: 1x Bundle Jewel of Soul+0 (10 Soul) 8 MISSION: - Kill 30 Zaikan - FIND: 1x Bundle Jewel of Bless+0 + 1x Bundle Jewel of Soul+0 REWARD: Red Uniria Pet 9 MISSION: - Kill 150 Zombie Fighter - FIND: 5 Talisman of Wings Box REWARD: Demon Pet (6 hours) 10 MISSION: - Kill 30 Death Beam Knight - FIND: 5x Remedy of Love REWARD: 100 Wcoin 11 MISSION: - Kill 300 Queen Rainier - FIND: 1x Lochs Feather REWARD: 1x Bundle of Soul+0 (10 Soul) + 1x Bundle of Bless+0 (10 Bless) 12 MISSION: - Kill 200 Iron Rider - FIND: 1x Bundle of Gemstone+0 (10 Gemstone) REWARD: Sweet Pumpkin Pet 13 MISSION: - Kill 30 Balrog - FIND: 1x Bundle of Creation+0 + 1x Bundle of Life+0 + 1x Bundle of Chaos+0 REWARD: 150Wcoin 14 MISSION: - Kill 180 Doppelganger Knight REWARD: Pet Panda (12 hours) 15 MISSION: - Kill 200 Kentauros - FIND: 1x Bundle of Harmony+0 (10 Harmony) REWARD: 200 Wcoin 16 MISSION: - Kill 30 Hell Maine - FIND: 1x Bundle of Soul+1 (20 Soul) + 1x Bundle of Bless+1 (20 Bless) REWARD: Ghost Horse (1 Day) 17 MISSION: - Kill 3x Selupan REWARD: Condor Feather 18 MISSION: - Kill 450 Gigantis - FIND: 1x Bundle of Gemstone+1 (20 Gemstone) REWARD: 1x Bundle of Soul+2 (30 Soul) 19 MISSION: - Kill 200 Berserker - FIND: 1x Bundle of Harmony+0 (10 Harmony) REWARD: 1x Bundle of Bless+2 (30 Bless) 20 MISSION: - Kill 200 Persona REWARD: Broken Horn 21 MISSION: - Kill 5 Golden Budge Dragon - FIND: Kundun Staff+10+Luck REWARD: 200 Wcoin 22 MISSION: - Kill 5 Golden Goblin - FIND: 1x Bundle of Creation+2 (30 Creation) REWARD: Pet Panda (1 Day) 23 MISSION: - Kill 3 Kundun REWARD: Demon Pet (1 Day) 24 MISSION: - Kill 5 Golden Lizard King - FIND: 1x Bundle of Bless+1 (20 Bless) + 1x Bundle of Soul+1 (20 Soul) REWARD: 200 Wcoin 25 MISSION: - Kill 5 Golden Tantalos - FIND: 1x Bundle of Harmony+0 (10 Harmony) REWARD: Pet Panda (1 Day) + Panda Ring (1 Day) 26 MISSION: - Kill 5 Golden Twin Tail REWARD: 200 Wcoin 27 MISSION: - Kill 5 Golden Iron Knight - FIND: 1x Fragment of Horn REWARD: 1x Bundle of Bless+2 (30 Bless) + 1x Bundle of Soul+2 (30 Soul) 28 MISSION: - Kill 5 Great Golden Dragon - FIND: 10x Lochs Feather REWARD: Gold Uniria Pet 29 MISSION: - Kill 5 Red Dragon REWARD: 250 Wcoin 30 MISSION: - Kill 3 Medusa - FIND: 2x Bundle of Soul+2 (30 Soul) (Total: 60 Soul) + 2x Bundle of Bless+2 (30 Bless) (Total: 60 Bless) + 2x Bundle of Creation+2 (30 Creation) (Total: 60 Creation) + 2x Bundle of Chaos+2 (30 Chaos) (Total: 60 Chaos) + 2x Bundle of Life+2 (30 Life) (Total: 60 Life) REWARD: SET SOCKET UNIQUE MAXIMUS +15 +L+ 5 EMPTY SLOT KING OF MU EVENT THIS IS GUILD PVP EVENT! WINNER GUILD WHICH LONG POSSESION CASTLE IN DEVIAS3! The castle is taken over by standing on the cords: 225x227 and entering the command: /reg EVENT TIME: Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday: Time: 18:00 EVENT REQUIREMENTS: - Guild EVENT MAP: Warp to map Devias3 (M) EVENT SUB: Only sub PvP! EVENT REWARD: TOP 5 PLAYERS WHO HAVE CASTED THE CASTLE WINS: 150Wcoin ALL ONLINE PLAYERS FROM GUILD WHO WIN OBTAIN: 25Wcoin SURVIVAL EVENT THIS IS PVP EVENT FOR KILL OBTAIN 100 POINTS, WHEN DEATH MINUS 10 POINTS EVENT TIME: Survival: 19:30, 20:30 EVENT REQUIREMENTS: - 30 Resets and 300 Levels - Minimum User: 2 - Maximum User: 50 - Max Death: 10 - Maximum Time Event: 15 minutes EVENT MAP: Warp to map Survival (M) EVENT SUB: Only sub PvP! EVENT REWARD: Winner Players obtain 100 Wcoin ARAGOG SPIDER INVASION INVASION TIME: Aragog Spider: 01:10, 04:10, 07:10, 10:10, 13:10, 16:10, 19:10, 22:10 Event Time: 20 minutes COUNT MONSTER: Aragog Spider x5 INVASION MAP: Lorencia INVASION SUB: Only sub PvP and Vip! INVASION DROP: Aragog Spider: - 90% chance to drop 1xAncient Item MORGOTH BOSS INVASION ATTENTION! BOSS IS VERRY VERRY STRONG! INVASION TIME: Morgoth Boss: 19:00 Event Time: 30 minutes COUNT MONSTER: Morgoth x1 INVASION MAP: Uruk Mountain near this cords (128x110) INVASION SUB: Only sub PvP! INVASION DROP: Morgoth Boss: - Bundle Jewel of Harmony (30) - Bundle Gemstone (30) - Red Fenrir - Rare Item Ticket 5 - Wings of Power Full - Seed Sphere Elite Reduction - Seed Sphere Elite Reflect - Seed Sphere Elite Maximum HP - Seed Sphere Elite Automatic Life Recovery JEWEL OF FULL NPC 10 Jewel of Elevation can exchange to Jewel of Full! If you have 10 Jewel of Elevation go to: Lorencia (137x140) Jewel of Full Mix NPC! This NPC automated exchange you: 5 Jewel of Elevation to 1 Jewel of Full!
  9. CASTLE SIEGE WINNER GUILD LIST: 19.07.2020 = Vendetta 26.07.2020 = Vendetta 02.08.2020 = Vendetta 09.08.2020 = TWIERDZA 16.08.2020 = TWIERDZA 23.08.2020 = TWIERDZA 30.08.2020 = TWIERDZA 06.09.2020 = TWIERDZA 13.09.2020 = TWIERDZA 20.09.2020 = TOPONE 27.09.2020 = TWIERDZA 04.10.2020 = TWIERDZA 11.10.2020 = TWIERDZA 18.10.2020 = TWIERDZA Prosze o kontakt GUILD MASTERA gildii z poprzedniej edycji na messengerze lub poprzez PM. Do odebrania nagrody potrzebne bedzie (NICK, stary login, stare haslo, email do konta, nowy login) Please contact GUILD MASTER previous edition to me on messenger or PM. Required is (NICKNAME, old account ID, old password, email, new account ID)
  10. REWARD: Top 1: 8000 Silver Credits Top 2: 6000 Silver Credits Top 3: 4000 Silver Credits Top 4: 3000 Silver Credits Top 5: 2000 Silver Credits Prosze o kontakt na messengerze lub poprzez PM. Do odebrania nagrody potrzebne bedzie (NICK, stary login, stare haslo, email do konta, nowy login) Please contact me messenger to add reward. Required is (NICKNAME, old account ID, old password, email, new account ID)
  11. ACHIEVEMENTS SYSTEM AND WINGS OF POWER PL: LINK DO ACHIEVEMENT SYSTEMU: CLICK HERE LINK DO RANKINGU PUNKTÓW: CLICK HERE Maksymalna liczba punktów Honoru do zdobycia: 1005 Po osiągnieciu 850 punktów jako bonus gracz otrzymuje unikatowe wingi WINGS OF POWER FO! Należy zgłosić się do administracji poprzez ticket lub messengera. WINGS OF POWER: ENG: LINK TO ACHIEVEMENT SYSTEMS: CLICK HERE LINK TO RANKING POINTS: CLICK HERE Maximum Honor Points: 1005 Upon reaching 850 points, as a bonus, the player receives unique wings of WINGS OF POWER FO! You must write to the administration via a ticket or messenger. WINGS OF POWER:
  12. 1200 LEVEL BONUS PL: Po osiągnieciu 1200 levela w grze dana postacią (Normal 400 + Master 800) na arenie automatycznie zaczynają dropić "Wings Upgrade Box" ENG: After reaching lvl 1200 in the game, a given character (Normal 400 + Master 800) in the arena map will automatically start dropping "Wings Upgrade Box"
  13. CHANGES ON THE NEW EDITION: - added Mysterious Stone to xshop and moss (soul / bless) - Harmony options for ancient items enabled - small changes to the pvp system - fixed visuals (ddi values, s12 hp and dd options in items) - new Earring Ancestral has been added - boost upgrade on the level Ghost Horse 1-15 / 90% - new achievements have been added and the old ones have been rebuilt - Wings of Power and Ghost Horse removed from xshop (Wings of Power can be obtained for Achievements and GM events, events on the website) (Ghost Horse only with in-game mix, fragment to mix drop on map and moss) - removed socket items from the webshop - socket items drop on Raklion from 1-3 empty slots, items with more slots only from bosses - added advanced statistics for Castle Siege and Arca War events available on www (show very detailed statistics of a given event) - Market on the website for silver coins was enabled, tax 5% - off-trade moved to the Loren Market map - Hide System on www option has been added, hides character data and website accounts (information about characters on the account, inventory, logins, character locations, etc.) - Medals / Badges for rankings have been added to the website, they are awarded automatically to the character (the rankings are weekly and monthly) eg the top 5 best voters or killer will receive medals - Wings of Power as a reward for obtain 850 honor points (max to get = 1005 points) (you must contact to the administrator via ticket or messenger) - added master and normal levels summation in the game - the requirements for maps have increased, they are now original and the sum of levels (normal + master) - after reaching 1200 level, the character gets a bonus and the "Wing Upgrade Box" drop starts on the Arena map - the prices of some items in xshop have been reduced (jevels, wings lvl 3, 4) - person in guild change to 60 and many smaller changes to improve gameplay Updates that have been uploaded (not everything is available with us): [] [+] Included database update scripts to be executed over actual databases [!] Fixed Server applications vulnerability [] [!] Fixed sale price divisor not working [!] Fixed inability to manually stack the Jewel of Black Soul [!] Fixed Flames buff not applying within all sub-servers for Ice Valley Castle plugin [!] Fixed not working Luck and Option attributes in MonsterSoulReward.xml [!] Fixed Monster Soul Converter weekly purchases reset not working properly [!] Fixed Monster Soul Converter can be exchanged for reward after completing one soul type only [!] Attack delays adjustments for selection of skills [+] Added built-in anti-flood protection to Game Server [!] Fixed notices not working for Muun/Event inventory for Extended Notices plugin [+] Changed Connectmember.xml to read values case insensitive way [!] Fixed Server applications vulnerability [!] Fixed Game Server crash [] [!] Ice Valley Castle event issues [] [!] Fixed false-positive walk speed anti hack detection while riding selected pets [!] Fixed Extended Notices notices colorizing does not work properly in certain scenarios [!] Fixed Ghost Horse creation mix consumes invalid number of ingredients [!] Fixed ability to use warp to dead married character [!] Fixed invalid elemental damage for selection of skills [!] Fixed party move can be abused to get into certain maps without required level [!] Fixed data type for hunting record system map number to resolve display of negative map value [!] Fixed Extended Notices the invincible buff issues does not work against debuff skills [!] Blocked ability of use the party move system to abuse Ice Valley Castle event [!] Fixed Extended Notices the notices keep spamming the messages area in specific scenario [!] Fixed Ice Valley Castle HideUnregisteredPlayer option does not work properly [!] Fixed ConnectMember.xml does not work properly when character is created with mixed spelling case [+] Added option to limit max punish damage [!] Fixed monsters stay "alive" sometimes after killing them with AOE skills [!] Fixed Blood Castle monsters attributes [!] Fixed Game Server crash Details: https://github.com/srv-config/x15/commits/master [] [!] Fixed use skill abuse between registered and not registered players for Ice Wind Castle event [!] Fixed enormous monster HP which may corrupt data in connection with PunishMaxDamage [!] Fixed monsters stay "alive" sometimes after killing them with AOE skills [] [!] Fixed GameServer freeze issue [] [!] Changed default Overlap value for items 14,53 and 14,189 [+] Added Monster Soul Reset time config {+] Added option to file, Common.ini -> PartyMaxLevelGap {+] Changed and extended behavior of Skill, Luck, Option attributes in LuckyItemInfo_First.xml, LuckyItemInfo_Second.xml [+] Added option to file, MapAttribute.xml -> EnableZenDrop [!] Fixed Magic Stones mix issues [+] Moved NoticeSystem.xml file from \Data\Customs\ to \Data\Plugins\ [+] Added option to file, \Data\Plugins\NoticeSystem.xml -> [!] Blocked ability to enter to CC and CCS events with Dark and Ghost horses [!] Fixed DC issues while using DLL CRC check [!] Fixed Pet Trainer mixes issues [!] Fixed ability to abuse party move by outlaws [+] Changed option name in CalcCharacter.ini from ShieldAutoRefillOnSafeZone to ShieldAutoRefillOnSafeZoneOnly [!] Fixed character name display in game client title bar [+] Hidden resets display in game client title bar if resets are 0 [!] Improvements to GS Anti-Flood system [+] Extended OfflineLevelling system by MinLevel and MaxLevel attributes for item pick up section [!] Fixed reported Game Server crashes Details: https://github.com/srv-config/x15/commit/28ceed52744d8dad5c3a81f41bd7f3e40ce9c638 [] [!] Added/modified lang 774 (Englih.xml), now it has %d [+] Modified file content, MasteryItemMix.xml [+] Extended MasteryItemMix.xml system to support random results [!] Fixed inability to split (divide) selected talismans [!] Fixed Chat Server crash [!] Fixed Game Server crash Details: https://github.com/srv-config/x15/commit/05e2e2e9ddb0403c047b93d247e03f4e56e99b68 [] [+] Modified Shield Gage options to be configurable per class in CalcCharacter.ini [+] Extended MasteryItemMix system by UpgradeOptMaxCnt that applies to Earrings upgrade mix only [+] Added lang bits to file, English.xml -> 774-776 [+] Added option to file, NixiesBossZone.xml -> MaxBossZoneEnterTime [+] Added options to file, PetSettings.ini -> DarkTransformRingDurRepairValue, FenrirsStaticRepairValue, FenrirsRandomRepairValue [!] Blocked ability to abuse Nix and Ferea boss zones with marry teleport and party summon [!] Fixed Ice Wing Castle event and Channel Change conflict [!] Fixed Data Server vulnerability Details: https://github.com/srv-config/x15/commit/70c912dc1092ef48bccb1fefb75d654c72932cf2 [] [!] Changed default setting of WalkSpeedErrorDistance to 4 in AntiHack.ini [!] Fixed Battle Core events Gremory Case reward [!] Fixed selection of wings mix issues related to wings options, luck and chance rate [!] Fixed a conflict between MuHelper and Auto Move function that caused character to keep walking after move [!] Fixed Fire Slash skills issues [!] Fixed Offline Levelling item pick up system not targetting specified item types to proper inventories [!] Fixed Rage Fighter starts attacking party members with Dark Side skill while in party [!] Fixed Ring and Pendants resistance options [!] Fixed invalid attacks number while blinding [!] Fixed custom combo skill issues [!] Changed spawn zone after death in Balgass' Barrack [!] Fixed AOE firendly fire issue in Arca Battle event [!] Fixed Fenrir pet chaos mix issues [!] Fixed increase range 4th skill not working [!] Fixed ability to enter Ferea boss zone by abusing the system [!] Fixed wizard teleport skill delay attribute not working [!] Fixed Wrath Mastery buff not working when applied more than once [!] Fixed LastSiegeDate for IceWindValley event not being updated [!] Fixed lang 413 not being displayed [!] Fixed Last Man Standing issues after file reload [!] Fixed marriage divorce not always set to both sides [-] Modified marriage system by removing divorce required item and changing file structure [!] Fixed durability decrease does not visually apply when using Blessing of Spirit [!] Fixed possible SQLSTATE errors on party/guild matching procedures execution [+] Added RegenSpawnZone system (RegenSpawnZone.xml) [+] Added lang bits, English.xml -> 777 [+] Added String ID=17 to IceWindValley.xml [+] Added option to file, IceWindValley.xml -> MaxGuildMember [+] Added 'EventMapEnterLimit Reset' option to Data Server menu [+] Increased max limit of warp/gens locations to resolve reported limit issue from 60 to 120 [+] Added functions to lua files, RegularSkillCalc.lua -> GladiatorFireSlash [+] Modified functions to lua files, MasterSkillCalc_3rd.lua -> FireSlash_MasterLevel1_Gladiator, FireSlash_MasterLevel2_Gladiator [+] Modified functions to lua files, MasterSkillCalc_4th.lua -> FireSlash_4thEnchant_Gladiator [!] Fixed monster appear with 0 HP sometimes after options reload (in case of any issues in this area please report right away) [!] Fixed Game Server crash Details: https://github.com/srv-config/x15/commit/d150396b731c5e55ce9b8f31b3d2120450373cfb [] [!] Fixed item overlap issue upon item pick up [] [!] Fixed event monster appearance in Tormented Square Battle [!] Fixed Chaos Goblin drop during Tormented Square Battle [+] Added Chaos Goblin teleport settings to file, TormentedSquare_Battle.xml [+] Added 4 new item bags, Monster_(709)_Chaos_Goblin.xml, Monster_(710)_Chaos_Goblin.xml, Monster_(711)_Chaos_Goblin.xml, Monster_(712)_Chaos_Goblin.xml [!] Fixed Regen Die Zone rate not working properly [!] Fixed Demon/Satan damage is not working properly on every character class [!] Fixed selection of chaos mixes [!] Fixed Monster Soul reset time not working properly [!] Fixed Monster Soul converter purchase availability not working properly if default reset time was changed [!] Fixed default config of MasteryItemMix.xml [!] Fixed default config of MiningSystem.xml [+] Added option to file, ChaosBox.ini -> Wing3MixLuckRate [+] Added MinGrandReset, MaxGrandReset to LastManStanding.xml Details: https://github.com/srv-config/x15/commit/42ef277a396be100773a3f6af480e8d4a32c5b78 [] [+] Added option to file, PetSettings.ini -> PetRideDelay [+] Added lang bits to file, English.xml -> 147, 778-780 [!] Added protection against possible purchase of more than two soul converters [!] Fixed Demon/Satan damage increase option [!] Fixed selection of not working mastery set items options [+] Added options to file, Common.ini -> GMEntryNotification, GMTypeEntryNotification, GMTypeEntryNotificationMinVipLevel, GMTypeEntryNotificationMsgType [+] Added option to GS menu -> Disconnect with reconnect [!] Fixed selection of last Man Standing issues: - Changed reward type to Gremory Case - Now winners and loosers will be moved to town automatically at the end of the event [!] Fixed "1234567" score banner at first entry of new character [!] Fixed GameServer crash Details: https://github.com/srv-config/x15/commit/bee6edebc6c4f670e6bdefead74f65627f6611fc [] [+] Added configuration settings to file, DoppelGanger_EventInfo.xml > MonsterAttacksFirst section [+] Added DoppelGanger event monsters 840-844 support [!] Fixed Gremory Case reward issues when item level is greater than 0 [!] Fixed Soul Coverter purchase issue [!] Fixed Game Server crash Details: https://github.com/srv-config/x15/commit/a3061aa6436c4832620e031762fa53338e3faffb [] [!] Fixed monsters do not cause damage when attacking [] [+] Added Element attribute to AllMonsterBag.xml [+] Modified attribute name in functionality in VIpSettings.xml, PointPerReset -> PointPerResetBonus [+] Added new Reset System (ResetSystem.xml) [+] Added item bags for introduced reset system: ResetSystem_Milestone.xml, ResetSystem_Regular.xml [+] Modified configurtion of ItemBagScript.lua [+] Modified lang bit 780 in English.xml [+] Added lang bits 781-784 to English.xml [!] Fixed attempt of delete non existing player in LMS event [!] Fixed Data Server crash Details: https://github.com/srv-config/x15/commit/d0efc1d6e46a5b60af153df37247a4e9f1e88aa2 [] [!] Fixed Mastery reward count not working [!] Fixed muun is going to invalid inventory after purchase in Cash Shop [+] Added options to file, MasteryItemMix.xml -> AncientHeroSoulLuckRate, NoAncientHeroSoulLuckRate [!] Fixed Jewel of Dark Bless and Dark Soul cannot upgrade lucky items [!] Fixed Reset System not applying reward from next range upon a last reset from current range [!] Fixed News System does not allow to configure empty data lines [!] Fixed Game Server crashes Details: https://github.com/srv-config/x15/commit/9c4b738f984a005eaeb1a8781a701097e00e0c9b [] [!] Fixed 4th change-up class quest monsters do not appear after previous update [!] Fixed Game Server crash [] [!] Fixed Reset System does not calculate milestone after second reset in new range [!] Updated default configuration of ResetSystem.xml Details: https://github.com/srv-config/x15/commit/945a2d95bedf2ca2e2214d64de76d2093b0ede35 [] [!] Fixed DoppelGanger event monsters spawn issue [!] Fixed Dark Side skill keeps attacking party members while in Mu Helper mode [!] Fixed Reset System does not calculate milestones properly in specific scenario [!] Updated default configuration of ResetSystem.xml [!] Fixed game Server crash Details: https://github.com/srv-config/x15/commit/2705df7022706b3f6ec811b82966580274900bb6
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