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  1. Glory

    Obraza @

  2. skladan skarge na 5x6l2x10 na fb maszzdjecie jak cos 


  3. Glory

    RASIZM? - Wietnam?

    Mysle ze troche przesada karac za takie cos. Odrzucam.
  4. Glory

    Obraza Jurek

    Dam 10% mysle ze to bedzie uczciwe ze wzgledu na ten nick rowniez
  5. Glory

    Grand Reset

    Ale tutaj nie da sie prosciej logujesz sie na www. Wchodzisz w control panel. Masz tam all opcje jakie sa, po prawo masz Bonus GR System gdzie sobie odbierasz nagrody za poszczegolne resy, w Account Balance sprawdzasz ile masz creditow, za Grand Resa dostaje sie 500 creditow silver i je otrzymales, mozesz je wykorzystac w webshopie na stronie, zamienic na wcoiny (tez na stronie), albo zostawic i zbierac, bo za kazdego GR otrzymasz +500 Silver Creditow.
  6. Glory

    Kilka Launcherów na kompie

    Tak nie jest to zakazane.
  7. Glory

    Tworzenie Postaci

    Wiec zamykam.
  8. Glory

    Tworzenie Postaci

    Do skutku restartuj clienta, odpisalem ci na PM, jest taki problem bardzo rzadko sie zdarza, zostalo juz zgloszone. Jak pomoze napisz
  9. SERVER STARTS : 25.12.2019 TIME: [UTC +2, 17.00-Poland] [UTC +8, 23.00-Philipines] [UTC +7 22.00-Vietnam] [UTC -3 12.00-Argentina] [UTC -3 12.00-Brazil] ★Server name: War of Glory ★Version: Season 15 Part 1-3 ★Time work: 24/7 ★Dedicated server: YES ★Link: CLICK ★Max Normal Level: 400 ★Max Master Level: 800 ★Max Stats: 32767 ★Exp Normal: 1000x ★Exp Master: 500x ★Exp Majestic: 750x ★Drop: 60 % ★Jewel of Soul: 70 % + (25 % Luck) ★Jewel od Bless: 100 % ★Jewel of Life: 80% ★Max lvl item: +15+28 ★Reset: Reset at 400 lvl on website ! ★Reset price: 30 000 000 zen STAT STAY NO BURN! BONUS GR SYSTEM 1 GR = Empty Pentagram +15 3 GR = Earrings (L & R) +15 +FO 5 GR = Golden Fenrir 10 GR = Wings 4 lvl +15 (FULL) 15 GR = 2x Socket Weapon or Weapon and Shield 20 GR = Socket Set +15 with Seed Sphere! ★Webshop: YES ★CashShop: YES ★Offtrade: Enabled (Devias) ★Mu Helper: YES ★Ancient+Exe Option: disabled ★Socket+Exe Option: disabled ★Acc+Harmony Option: disabled ★Trade item with Harmony Option: Yes ★Guild: 180 lvl ★Max alliance in guild: 1 ★Max players in guild: 40 ★Dark Knight: 1 lvl ★Dark Wizzard: 1 lvl ★Elf: 1 lvl ★Summoner: 1 lvl ★Magic Gladiator: 1 lvl ★Dark Lord: 1 lvl ★Rage Fighter: 1 lvl ★Grow Lancer: 1 lvl ★Rune Wizard: 1 lvl ★Slayer: 1 lvl Normal / Marlon Quest: ★Dark Knight: 5/6 ★Dark Wizard: 5/6 ★Elf: 5/6 ★Summoner: 5/6 ★Magic Gladiator: 7 ★Dark Lord: 7 ★Rage Fighter: 7 ★Grow Lancer: 7 ★Rune Wizard: 5/6 ★Slayer: 5/6 COMMANDS: ★/post - message to actual GS ★/gpost - global post ★/addstr - to add strength points ★/addagi- add agility points ★/addvit - add vitality points ★/addene - add energy points ★/addcmd - add command points ★/pkclear - clear PK status ★/wh 0-2 - switch wares ★/war <guild name> - propose Guild War ★/endwar - stop Guild War Battle ★/marry - propose a marry to other player ★/accept - accept marry ★/tracemarry - teleports to your marriage partner ★/divorce - take divorce ★/requests (on/off) - define to display all duel and trade request or refuse all by default ★/level - display character info ★/cleareventinv - clear event inventory from all items ★/socstop - stop Battle Soccer match ★/battlesoccer - challenge opposite guild for a battle ★/crew - Display Game Masters online ★/dcfriend - disconnect specified character ★CHAOS MACHINE: +10: 70 % (25 % +Luck) +11: 65 % (25 % +Luck) +12: 60 % (25 % +Luck) +13: 55 % (25 % +Luck) +14: 50 % (25 % +Luck) +15: 45 % (25 % +Luck) ★Blood Castle: YES ★Devil Square: YES ★Chaos Castle: YES ★Illusion Temple: YES ★Doppelganger: YES ★Imperial Fort: YES ★White Wizard: YES ★Golden Invasion: YES ★Happy Hour Event: YES ★Protection od Acheron: YES ★Maze of Dimension: YES ★Castle Siege: YES ★Arca War: YES ★Balgass Event: YES ★Nightmare Event: YES ★Hatchery Event: YES ★Medusa: YES ★Lord of Ferea: YES ★Core Magriffy: YES ★Lord Silvester: YES ★Nix: YES ★God of Darkness: YES ★BloodAngel, DarkAngel, HolyAngel, Awake, BlueEye, Silverheart sets working with normal exc item ★Errtels Upgrade for Anger, Blessing, Integrity, Divinity, Radiance ★Steel of Heaven drop monster chance 10% and Evomon 5% ★Gens Maps: Vulcanus, Kanturu, Swamp of Calmness ★Reduced Ruud shop prices ★Dark Knight attack on Vulcanus ★Trade items with Harmony option ★Items work from 1 lvl ★Seed Upgrade change ★Erohim and Kundun Invasion on Arena_PvP MAP! ★New System upgrade Wings (Collect 6 Talisman of Wings, drop on Vulcanus map)! ★Boosted def, attak min, attak max and attack succes rate by 20% for all monsters ★1 goblin point every 20 minutes ★Delete of the PVP option from the errtel mix, leaving only the RAIDS option ★Adding lucky coins to box of kundun + 1, + 2, + 3, + 4, + 5, 3% chance to drop ★Ferea boss respawn time 10-12 hours ★Respawn god of darkness time 10-14 hours ★Nix boss respawn every 16 hours ★Wings angel and devil change of requirements from 350 lvl to 1 lvl ★Selupan drop socket items from 3-5 empty slots ★Small wings in xshop without time limit limit ★Wings angels and devils work on 1 lvl ★Added to chaos card rare items 380 lvl ★Chaos card rare: chance to drop items exe, jewelery, jewels and red fenrir ★Minor event box = 50% chance for ruuds, 50% chance for items (jewels, buffs for exp) ★Standard event box = 50% chance to ruuds, 50% chance for items (chaos card rare, exp buffs, jewels) ★Greater event box = 50% chance to ruuds, 50% chance for items (chaos card rare, exp buffs, stones, red fenrir, garuda feather) ★Prizes months ranking of gens, x10 bundles, zen 15mln http://muonlinefanz.com/guide/general/gens/ ★20% chance to drop 10mln zen from heaven box ★Added to green box - archangel hammer - 10% chance to drop CUSTOMS EVENTS: Lucky Coin Exchange: CLICK HERE Cherry Blossom Event - RareItemTicket 5: CLICK HERE Vulcanus and Wings Upgrade Box: CLICK HERE Off-Trade System: CLICK HERE Golden Fenrir and Pandora Event: CLICK HERE Horn of Fenrir - drop map: CLICK HERE NEW MONSTER: NEW MAPS: Abbys of Atlans (1-3) Scorched Canyon Kubera Mine NEW SETS AND WEAPONS SILVERHEART: NEW CHARACTER SLAYERS: FILES DOWNLOAD: CLICK EVENTS 1: Free 300 Wcoin- Get Free 300 Wcoin in a few clicks 1) Like Post , Share and Comment (nickname) on Facebook Page EVENTS 2: WIN WINGS ON LOTTERY 1) Like Post , Share and Comment (nickname) on Facebook Page SERVER IS ONLINE! REGISTRATION ON! DATABASE WIPE ON MONDAY BEFORE THE START! DISCORD: https://discord.gg/PGphXrA
  10. Glory


    Tak się pakuje i rozpakowuje jewele. Pierwsze slysze żeby można kupowac.
  11. Glory

    Moja propozycja

    Ja nic nie widze 😛
  12. Glory

    mu hack protection - mapowanie przyciskow

    Nie mamy mozliwosci dodania tego do whitelisty. MHP mamy od developera ale nie sadze ze on dorzuci to do whitelisty.
  13. Glory

    Levele w BC

    No tak na master.
  14. Glory

    Levele w BC

    Wtedy wchodzi sie z tego co kojarze tylko na jeden poziom.
  15. Glory

    Levele w BC

    Raczej jest to default poniewaz nie ma do tego konfigu, moze masz 3 klase postaci?

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