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ChangeLog 15.08.2019

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[!][S14] Fixed inability to create life stone by guild assistant

[!][S14] Fixed possible issues with expanded inventory quest

[!][S14] Fixed not working AllowedIPList.xml of data servers

[!][S14] Fixed number of achieved experience while having Rune Wizard in party

[!][S14] Fixed inability to edit harmony options values for weapons

[!][S14] Added lang bits to file, English.xml: 761-768

[!][S14] Recreated Triple Shot, Inferno and Hell Fire skills to be fully dependent of server side only (hacks prevention)

[!][S14] Fixed visual issue of mining cars in Kubera

[!][S14] Walk Speed Check system adjustments resolving selection of issues

[!][S14] Fixed GameServer crash

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