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[+][S14] Added Database update script for MuO DB (0.0.2.sql)

[!][S14] Fixed option names in jewelofharmonyoption.bmd (Eng)

[!][S14] Fixed option names in HarmonyItem_Option.xml (unified with .bmd and fixed invalid eithth option for magical options type)

[+][S14] Added item name to MonsterMap_(X)_Bag.xml, AllMonsterBag.xml, EachMonsterMapList.xml, EventItemMonsterBag.xml, SetItemMonsterBag.xml (drop configuration did not change, modification is optional, does not require your files to update)

[+][S14] Added drop config for Kubera Mine maps MonsterMap_(X)_Bag.xml -> 123-127

[+][S14] Added missing configuration for Kubera Mine map in ZenDrop.xml

[+][S14] Added new option to file, Common.ini -> MaxResetPoints

[!][S14] Fixed GameServer vulnerability

[!][S14] Fixed Pandora Pick repair with Jewel of Bless does not work correctly

[+][S14] Fixed MiracleBoxShop.xml configuration

[+][S13] Added missing ScrambleCMD command to Commands.ini

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