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  1. Accounts ID: xuyenkg05

    IGN: iPhoneX

    Time 10:15 8/9/2018 GMT+7

    Jewel of Bless should be put in depo!

  2. Glory

    Obraza - Jurek

    Jurek 20% Wolik tram pisze "debili" nie "debil" a to zmienia kontekst zdania.
  3. Glory

    KS na VIP

  4. Glory

    używanie hustle - Averix

    Dobrze wiemy kiedy i za co kara sie jak jest ta komenda. Z pewnoscia nie za samo napisanie jej Zreszta na kolejnej edycji zniknie to z regulaminu.
  5. Glory

    Obraza gracza

    Niestety jeszcze obowiazuje to glupie liczenjie wulgaryzmow, ale na nowej edycji to sie zmieni. 2. Przekleństwa i wyzwiska (w każdy możliwy sposób czyt. /post, pm, itp). Nie dotyczy spraw guild i guild alliance.a) kierowane bezpośrednio do innego gracza.Kara od 10% do 100% warn.b)nagminne przekleństwa/ wulgaryzmy nie kierowane do gracza/graczy (minimum 3 przekleństwa/ wyzwiska). Kara od 10% do 100% warn.
  6. Glory


    SS ma byc pelny, a nie wycinek zamykam.
  7. Glory

    Obraza Jerry

    20% warn
  8. Glory

    Nie ładuje się grafika

    Uruchomic gre z grafiki dedykowanej.
  9. Glory

    Obraza - Grzesznica

    Pierwsza kara wiec 20% moze sie opamieta
  10. Glory

    Problem z grą

    Masz czcionke ArialUni w dziale download zainstaluj. Jezeli grasz na WOGu to pobieraj clienta z WOGa bo roznia sie xshopem i moze byc problem ze cos nie dziala.
  11. Glory

    ArcticMU - Rules

    1. RULES AND REGULATIONS Creating account on our server You agree with our rules and system of punishment available in Forum ( Link bottom ). Ignorance regulations dont let you to break and dont follow this rules Dont use this same Login and Password. LOGIN AND PASSWORD should be different for safety reasons 1. GENERAL 1. Admins and Game Masters manage server. Follow they orders. You have problem with a game ? Talk to them. 2. Admin have always right . From Game Master decision you can revoke only to Admins 3. Admins and Game Master requesting RESPECT from players . Prohibited is offense and insulting this people. It is punished by block Character and account. 4. Each form of activities to the detriment of the server and his reputation etc. (putting Videos , photos ,ect.) lead to Pernament Ban in Forum and Game . 5. Forum and Teamspeak is integral part of server . Everyone should have there account . We put informations about Server , Forum and TeamSpeak . 6. Game Masters have a law to ban Character and Account to 24 hours from braking the Rules .The lock is pending investigation and Admins decision. Game Masters must have ScreenShots to guilty player. You can not revoke from Game Master decision because last decision take Admins. 2. GAME RULES 1. Character Name can not contain phrases of vulgar, abusive, racist, nazi, fascist and other non-compliant with the global law. The same is true when create congregations Group (otherwise known as the guild). 2. Use any programs that facilitate illegal gameplay (cheat) is strictly forbidden 3. AFK (Away From Keyboard) is permitted. 4. Attacks on the server (DDOS, SQL injection attacks, Events) will be punished by blocking the IP address or range of addresses or entire HWID. 5. Create a character must use the nickname, which is not like the nickname administration or game master, otherwise the character will be banned, and Items and periods when lost. 6. The administration has the right to block accounts in accordance with the rules of penalties. 7. Administration can change these rules without giving a reason. 8. Any advertising other services, servers muonline, for, without the consent of the government ends ban for life on the account (in the game). 9. The administration has the right to change the settings and configuration of the server at any time, even during editing. 10. Server ArcticMU have 3 subs.[PvP], [Vip] and [CS]. 11. Follow the rules on subs ( More info lower ). Non_PvP Maps, sub VIP and AFK Rules Deep Dungeon, Aida, Kanturu and Arkania are non PvP maps at the moment. AFK is acceptable under certain conditions: /setparty 1234 has to be set and shown as 1234 in shop display window. Otherwise Admin or Game Master have the right to disconnect your character. 2a. Sub PvP: 1. PK on the Sub is enabled and permitted without any restrictions, also for the golden mobs, selupan, kundun, nightmare, mayahands, medusa. 2. KS is allowed without any restrictions. 3. A player can enter on the spot of someone's player and take over it without any consequences [statutory]. 4. On the Sub spaces paragraphs of article 2. 2b. Sub Vip: 1. Player Killer (abbreviated PK) is the Sub prohibited. Pk is allow only gens map! 2. KS is it prohibited. This does not apply to maps: Blood Castle, Devil Square, Chaos Castle, Illusion Temple, Nightmare Event. 3. On the Sub spaces paragraphs of article 2. 2c. CS: 1. Player Killer (abbreviated PK) is the Sub prohibited. The exception is the only event Castle Siege. 2. Player Killer (abbreviated to PK) on Crywolf Event is prohibited. 3. Player Killer (abbreviated to PK) Deep Event is prohibited. 4. Player Killer (abbreviated to PK) in Barrack and Refuge is prohibited. 5. KS is it prohibited , only allowed to CryWolf event, deep event, maps refuge and barracks. 6. On the Sub spaces paragraphs of article 2. 3. FINAL: 1. There is a general rule that the administrator is always right. 2. Do not report the suspicious situation can cause permanent damage to the server. 3. Repeat breaking the rules a player can become a expelled forever from the server 4.Character name may not contain special characters. 5. The server is completely non-TRADE ACCOUNT / ITEMS / CREDITS / Silver, Gold Coins, Platinum / POINTS TO XSHOP in exchange for financial benefits !!! Topics sale will be deleted, and the account banned for lifetime. 6. We do not take responsibility for trade items (in the game) !!! Is it codes sms whether the other perks. The only certainty you have with us, and we do not take responsibility for cheaters !!! 7. Do not take responsibility for your account. Beware whom you serve streak. Using strong passwords and system / lock !!! The perpetrators of extortion, spoofing will be banned for life. 8. Use of bugs, gaps in the game, the gaps on the internet for their own benefit and not to inform the Administration threatens delete account !!! 9. We are not responsible for stolen Items (if you give them to improve someone's vipie you incur responsibility for it). Items which also will be the data in the trade will not be returned, but if the theft was obvious and we find it in the logs can ask only those Items that are not leaked to the server and which we are able to locate. Thief will be banned. 10. The administration has the right to make changes in the rules, and server settings, without prior notification to the players. Please keep an eye on your own regulations. 11. The administration does not mention quest items acquired in WebShop. Be careful what you take. If you made a mistake you a lesson for the future. 12. It is recommended to consider about your account and above all not to share with anyone his password. If you give someone your password at the same time you give him all rights to this account. Complaints of alleged thefts in such situation not be judge. 13. Regulations come into force on the day 05.03.2018r. 14. Accounts on a server belong to the server administration arcticmu.net !!! at any time we have the right to change you password in order to check your account. Password of course you will be able to recover after contact us via email: The administration in this case must verify that the account on which the password should be changed to the person that you send an email. To this end, you may ask a few questions regarding your account. After verifying the correct account will be unbanned. If the administration does not detect there any regularities has the right to block an account ruthlessly for lifetime.15. Each player is responsible for his own account (game, forum, teamspeak) and all action taken on that same account security (difficult passwords, logins ...), behavior and culture on the server, etc.). If the account terms and conditions will be broken you are held accountable will be the owner of the account.16. Using Guardian Patch, and other add-ons Client (patches changes the appearance, etc.) are not issued by the team of the War of Glory on the server is FORBIDDEN !!! Used result in permanent banning your account.17. At any time, there may be server failures, offs, breaks, etc. Admins will not return any profits, which at this time are lost. In the event of a failure for more than 48 hours after the start of the server will be extended by the time off VIPs.18. The administration server does not return the items, which disappear when scanning program to check dupe items. They disappear both original and copied, because we are not able to tell which ones is a copy! In addition, the person who gives the set knows this to what was used. Do not borrow it nothing ever happens, we will not tolerate this. There will be no possibility of return items, which disappear!19. The administration has the right to delete items (even if they have been sold in the game, will not be given away none claim to the person who has bought the item), if there any inaccuracies resulting from the payment.20. Administration is not liable for any losses caused by the bugs (losing items, characters , deposits, etc.). Such bugs will be as soon as possible reported to the firm coding files server. We have no influence on the term improvement.21. Off-Trade (works on the map Devias only Sub PVP) - if you take a shop, which will be inconsistent with the truth (eg title catalog sales for zen), that person receives 100% warn, resulting in a lifetime account lockout. 4. TERMS DONATE SYSTEM: 1. All payments to the server are conscious and voluntary. Before making the payment, we should think about it, the money will not be returned. If you submit any donation or payment using our websites, you agree that at under any circumstances you will not dispute, ask for a partial and/or full refund. Buyer shall have 14 days to return the goods provided with the purchased digital goods and virtual will not be used. You should inform us by e-mail.2. The payment (credits) for the bank transfer , paypal, PayU, PaymentWall, SMS Homepay system will not be devote if res acc for the next edition .3. If the ban / block form or account by breaking the rules , money will not be returned , and any benefits that arose from the donation removed. If Account Lockout / form if your account is active VIP. VIP time will not be prolonged by the time the lock !!4. The server at any time may cease to exist , of payment for transfers , Paypal, PayU, PaymentWall and sms will not be returned.5. Paypal Donate:Digital products!We do not issue refunds for digital products once the order is submitted.We recommend contacting us for assistance if you experience any issues receiving or using our products.BY BUYING OUR PRODUCT FROM OUR WEBSITE YOU AGREE THAT, BECAUSE OF THE NATURE OF THE PRODUCTS SOLD,WHICH ARE DIGITAL, THERE ARE NO REFUNDS UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE.IF YOU SUBMIT ANY PAYMENT YOU AGREE THAT YOU WILL NOT DISPUTE, ASK FOR A PARTIAL REFUND, OR A FULL REFUND.IF YOU DO NOT AGREE TO THE ABOVE DO NOT SUBMIT ANY PAYMENT. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ MU Online is a growing community and it is our goal to establish a friendly, helpful and enjoyable community. In order to make sure that above mentioned aspects are guaranteed, there are some boundaries set which are in form of Rules and Regulations.Furthermore, as these rules apply to specific instances of misconduct, we reserve the right to modify existing or add new rules at our discretion without notice (and without placing them in this list) in order to handle any variation of offenses. We also reserve the right to refuse or cancel the service of any user at any time.By registering an account on our server you agree the following rules with all the terms and conditions and will abide by them. You agree that you are personally responsible for the consequences that may result if you break these rules. QUICK MENU Forum Rules and Regulations Ingame Rules & Policies Donation Policies FORUM / WEBSITE RULES AND REGULATIONS Forbidden Topics Disclaimer Moderation 1. In general before posting a new thread it is highly recommended to use the search options. Make sure that your question or issue is not in the results. 2. MUOnline has ZERO tolerance for harassing other community members. 3. If you have a problem with someone, other than a reportable issue (e.g. Hacking), message that person and carry on a private discussion. Also, if someone has engaged in behavior that is a detriment to the message board: spamming, flaming people, advertising, contact one of the forum moderators. 4. Multiple or repeated posting in order to increase your post count is not allowed. 5. Advertising, spamming and trolling is not allowed. This includes using the forum, email, visitor messages, blog comments, picture comments and private message systems to spam other members. 6. If you are going to post non-English on these forums, please also post an English Translation of your post. 7. Do not Bash any staff member, differentiate between a discussion i.e. criticism and flaming / bashing. 8. Please refrain from posting meaningless threads, one word (or short) non-sense posts, or the such. 9. Do not Bump your own posts by useless comments! 10. Do not Comment off-topic on a thread i.e. a post which does not contribute to the discussion. 11. Do not Argue with Staff if you disagree on a certain topic send them a private message. 12. Do not Bash other community members. 13. Porn, gross stuff, or anything else not safe for work. 14. Piracy, warez. 15. Cheating, hacking, game exploits. 16. Leaked content. 17. Posting copyrighted material such as magazine scans. 18. Soliciting, auctioning, selling, advertising, referrals. 19. Racism, discrimination. 20. Drugs, alcohol. 21. Religious, political, and other related threads. 22. Administrators/Moderators reserve the right to move, change, or delete any content at any time if they feel it is inappropriate or unsuitable, also depending on the type of rules broken and the number of warnings you already have, we decide the length of any forum account ban. 23. Although the administrators and moderators of MU Online Community Forum will attempt to keep all objectionable messages off this forum, it is impossible for us to review all messages. All messages express the views of the author, the staff / moderators will not be held responsible for the content of any message. 24. By agreeing to these rules, you warrant that you will not post any messages that are obscene, vulgar, sexually-oriented, hateful, threatening, or otherwise violate of any laws. INGAME RULES & POLICIES Like any community needs some rules and regulations since human kind exists, MU Online also has few rules in order to keep the healthy gaming atmosphere and a fair treatment of every one who is member of this community. By signing up an account on MU Online you agree to following listed specified rules. 1. Using Hacks: Hacking is against the rules and will be punished by a permanent ban immediately without a warning. MU Online does not tolerate any kind of usage of programs, software in order to get unfair advantage over other players. 2. Bug exploits: If you are aware of any bug, you are highly recommended to report it to a staff member. You can use in game ticket feature or report it on the forums. Abuse of any kind of exploits will be punished on sight. 3. Cheats: Cheating is defined as any attempt to give yourself an advantage over other players. Though cheating is a subjective definition, we reserve the right to define a cheater per situation depending on the offense committed by that player. 4. Account sharing: It is in the policies of MU Online that you are not allowed to sell an account or character to a third person. Keep your connection informations to yourself. If you share or trade an account Staff won't help you in any problems! MU Online staff won't help you to get account back. MU Online staff will never ask you for your account informations i.e. password. Violators will be punished by a ban. 5. Begging for items / Scamming / Cheating GM / Staff: MU Online Staff members are experienced, honest and friendly. Donot even try to scam, beg for items, black mail or any other kind of method to get free items, tokens, help which is unfair. That means receiving items or having the benefits of any other in-game features from possible abusing staff members. Your account may be suspended for this, depending on case. This is to be decided by staff. 6. No abusive conduct: You do not need to like another player, but you will be respectful towards them. You may not use any unlawful, harmful, threatening, abusive, harassing, sexist, vulgar, obscene, hateful, racial, anti-religious, anti-ethnic, anti-gay or otherwise objectionable language toward any other player or staff member. This includes trolling, griefing and spamming. Furthermore, do not name any guilds or characters that are based on the above stipulations. 7. No posing as a staff member: Characters or guilds imitating staff will result in immediate deletion and a lifetime ban. 8. Farming: Farming honor / arena / badges / tokens etc. using alts / multibox / friends is against the rules of MU Online and will be punished.We take this matter very seriously. Violators will suffer deletion of the characters that are on the same realms as the one they have farmed on. 9. Ticket system & In-game Support: All MU Online GMs are freely volunteering their time to help players as best they can. Also, search our forums to see if your issue is already known. If you're sure your ticket is applicable, be respectful, brief, and to-the-point with the issue you are having. Tickets that do not follow these guidelines are subject to immediate deletion without a response. 10. Advertisement: Advertisement is an offense that is always met with an instant ban. You may not market, promote or advertise any other servers or commercial products, or make any other form of solicitation on MU Online. This includes unlawful, harmful, threatening, abusive, harassing, sexist, vulgar, obscene, hateful, racial, anti-religious, anti-ethnic, anti-gay or any other porn links. 11. Creating Drama and Accusing People: Don't accuse someone of being ninja, accuse a staff of power abuse etc. If you see someone who try to ninja looting or GM who abuse power than use Report Forum. Don't cry on world channel and don't make tickets in game about this. We have forum for report players and GMs. DONATION POLICIES Definitions and Interpretations 1. Donation: Please take a moment to review these rules detailed below. If you agree with them, then you may proceed with entering the website. No one from any Gaming companies, associated with any Gaming companies or any such affiliated company or its Related to any Game companies is permitted to enter these web sites or view any content contained within these sites at any time what so ever due to controversial reasons. You agree to give up all legal rights towards MU Online when Donating. "User" or "Users" means any third party that accesses the web site and is not employed by MU Online and acting in the course of their employment. 2. Refunds: We will not provide refunds under any circumstances. VIP Membership is voluntary, and if a user does not wish to be a member, he should not seek entry. If you are banned due to violation of our player rules, you will not get a refund. If you do not like the service, you will not get a refund. If you unexpectedly did not receive your certificate, and don't have any proof of your donation, you will not get a refund. You may appeal your case regarding your donation on the forums in the VIP Issues section, and we will review your case. It's not required for you to make a donation to enjoy the full experience of MU Online it's completely optional and is done at your own risk. 3. Exchange: If you for any reason have store item(s) damaged, broken, lost, etc. you may not receive an exchange or replacement even if you have proof of your donation. Only a member of Management has the authority to replace your reward item if they feel the receipt you've presented is authentic. 4. Lost items and characters: Due to a lot of scams, MU Online is not responsible for lost items, characters etc. Only you are responsible for safety of your items, characters etc. Remember never share your account information with other users. 5. Charge Backs: Any attempts to reverse donation will be met with an automatic and immediate permanent ban. All accounts tied to this IP address will be permanently banned. Our accounting team always contests each and every charge back and has a high success rate. If this fails, charge backs are routinely sent to a third-party collections agency, and the buyer's credit history will be affected if the charge is not paid for. Furthermore, as these rules apply to specific instances of misconduct, we reserve the right to modify existing or add new rules at our discretion without notice (and without placing them in this list) in order to handle any variation of offenses. We also reserve the right to refuse or cancel the service of any user at any time.
  12. SERVER STARTS : 19.08.2018 TIME: [UTC +2, 15.00-Poland] [UTC +8, 21.00-Philipines] [UTC +7 20.00-Vietnam] [UTC -3 10.00-Argentina] [UTC -3 10.00-Brazil] ★Server name: Arctic MuOnline ★Version: Season 13 Part 1 ★Time work: 24/7 ★Dedicated server: YES ★Premium files: YES ★Custom xshop: YES ★Balanced characters: YES ★Link: Main Page ★FB Page: CLICK ★FB Group: CLICK ★Max Normal Level: 400 ★Max Master Level: 520 ★Max Stats: 32767 ★Exp Normal: 500x - dynamic Resets 0-100 = 500x Resets 101-150 = 400x Resets 151-200 = 300x Resets 201-250 = 200x Resets 251-300 = 100x Resets 301-350 = 50x ★Exp Master: 1500x ★Drop: 50 % ★Jewel of Soul: 60 % + (25 % Luck) ★Jewel od Bless: 100 % ★Jewel of Life: 80% ★CHAOS MACHINE: +10: 70 % (25 % +Luck) +11: 65 % (25 % +Luck) +12: 60 % (25 % +Luck) +13: 55 % (25 % +Luck) +14: 50 % (25 % +Luck) +15: 45 % (25 % +Luck) ★Max lvl item: +15+28 ★Reset: Res 400 lvl on website ! 1-99RR = Bonus 10 Silver Coins 100RR = Gold Reset Bonus 500 Silver Coins 101-149RR = Bonus 11 Silver Coins 150RR = Gold Reset Bonus 500 Silver Coins 151-199RR = Bonus 12 Silver Coins 200RR = Gold Reset Bonus 500 Silver Coins 201-249RR = 13 Silver Coins 250RR = Gold Reset Bonus 500 Silver Coins 251-299RR = 14 Silver Coins 300RR = Gold Reset Bonus 500 Silver Coins 301-249RR = 15 Silver Coins 350RR = Gold Reset Bonus 500 Silver Coins ★Reset price: 1kk x reset count ! STAT BURN: 900 points * resets / DL= 1100 ★Grand Reset: NO BONUS REWARD SYSTEM: 50 Resets = Empty Pentagram +15+5 slots 100 Resets = Fenrir Red / Blue / Black 150 Resets = Wings 3lvl +15+FO 200 Resets = Pendant / Ring +15+FO 250 Resets = Gold Fenrir 300 Resets = Wings 4 level or events wing 350 Resets = Awakening Set + FO ★Webshop: NO ★CashShop: YES ★Offtrade: Enabled (Devias) ★Mu Helper activation min. level: 50 lvl ★Ancient+Exe Option: disabled ★Socket+Exe Option: disabled ★Acc+Harmony Option: disabled ★Trade item with Harmony Option: Yes ★Guild: 180 lvl ★Max alliance in guild: 3 ★Max players in guild: 40 ★Dark Knight: 1 lvl ★Dark Wizzard: 1 lvl ★Elf: 1 lvl ★Summoner: 1 lvl ★Magic Gladiator: 220 lvl ★Dark Lord: 250 lvl ★Rage Fighter: 200 lvl ★Grow Lancer: 200 lvl Normal / Marlon Quest: ★Dark Knight: 5/6 ★Dark Wizzard: 5/6 ★Elf: 5/6 ★Summoner: 5/6 ★Magic Gladiator: 7 ★Dark Lord: 7 ★Rage Fighter: 7 ★Grow Lancer: 7 ★Blood Castle: YES ★Devil Square: YES ★Chaos Castle: YES ★Illusion Temple: YES ★Doppelganger: YES ★Imperial Fort: YES ★White Wizard: YES ★Golden Invasion: YES ★Happy Hour Event: YES ★Protection od Acheron: YES ★Maze of Dimension: YES ★Castle Siege: YES ★Arca War: YES ★Balgass Event: YES ★Nightmare Event: YES ★Hatchery Event: YES ★Medusa: YES ★Lord of Ferea: YES ★Core Magriffy: YES ★Lord Silvester: YES ★Nix: YES ★God of Darkness: YES ★/post - message to actual GS ★/gpost - global post ★/addstr - to add strength points ★/addagi- add agility points ★/addvit - add vitality points ★/addene - add energy points ★/addcmd - add command points ★/pkclear - clear PK status ★/wh 0-2 - switch wares ★/war <guild name> - propose Guild War ★/endwar - stop Guild War Battle ★/marry - propose a marry to other player ★/accept - accept marry ★/tracemarry - teleports to your marriage partner ★/divorce - take divorce ★/requests (on/off) - define to display all duel and trade request or refuse all by default ★/level - display character info ★/cleareventinv - clear event inventory from all items ★/socstop - stop Battle Soccer match ★/battlesoccer - challenge opposite guild for a battle Soccer match ★/offtrade - Activate off-trade system ★/crew - Display Game Masters online ★/dcfriend - disconnect specified character ★ BloodAngel, DarkAngel, HolyAngel, Awake sets working with normal exc item ★Errtels Upgrade for Anger, Blessing, Integrity, Divinity, Radiance ★Steel of Heaven drop monster chance 10% and Evomon 5% ★Gens Maps: Vulcanus, Kanturu, Swamp of Calmness ★NO - PVP maps: Aida1, Aida2, Karutan1, Karutan2 ★Reduced ruud shop prieces ★Reduced Pandora Event mining ★Socket item Upgrade to 400 level ★Dark Knight attack on Vulcanus ★Trade items with Harmony option ★Seed Removal from Items ★Items work from 1 lvl ★New Map Arkania! ★Seed Upgrade change NEW WINGS 4 LVL AND CLASS: NEW SKILL TREE FOR ALL NEW CLASS (OPEN Ctrl+A): NEW 4th QUEST AND CLASS: Blade Master ---> Dragon Knight Grand Master --->Soul Wizard High Elf ---> Noble Elf Duel Master ---> Magic Knight Lord Emperor ---> Empire Road Dimension Master ---> Dimension Summoner Fist Master ---> Fist Blazer Mirage Lancer ---> Shining Lancer NEW BOSS: NEW MAPS: Deep Dungeon (1-5) Swamp of Darkness NEW MINI GAME BINGO: NEW SETS AND WEAPONS: ★Achievement system ★Roulette System ★Support Kit ★Report Bug ★Rename Character ★Vote ★Friend Recruit ★Promotion Codes ★Auction ★Web Bank ★Exchange system ★Monthly Reward FILES DOWNLOAD: CLICK
  13. Glory

    MuOnline Season 13 Part 2-2!

    Tak jak pisalem na SB pojawila sie nowa beta nowego sezonu S13 Part 2-2. Temat zakladam poniewaz moze ktos bedzie chcial oblukac jakie sa nowosci na nowym sezonie, a dosc ciezko o informacje Trzeba laczyc sie przez proxy itp. Strona tlumaczona z koreanskiego na angielski poprzez google translate. Lazy Fighter Absolute Weapon Added and improved short-term buff items New Accessory Combination Labirynth Improvement of Play
  14. Glory

    Resetowanie drzewka.

    Oki zamykam
  15. Glory

    Resetowanie drzewka.

    Black scroll w xshopie

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